Our Promise

It has been a considerable amount of time since our last post.   A lot of events have transpired both personally and professionally.  Life is a more entertaining than any movie and we stand by that claim. 

Let us first start by explaining who we are and how we started.   We both attended the University of South Carolina.  We were roommates in college and started our company during that time.  We did not follow the typical pattern to start our business.  We are a small, efficient operation that was founded out of the ideas and pockets of two college students.   To be 100% clear, we are both from small Cackalak towns with very humble upbringings.  Our parents stressed integrity and education.  We give you our experience in our clothing. We give you our struggle in our clothing. We give you our journey in our clothing.

Our first move was to trademark our brand.  We did this before we printed our first shirt.   If you are starting a new business, this is a critical step in your success.   Our company started with 12 shirts.  We gave these 12 shirts away to our friends.  We cannot honestly say that we imagined where we are today, but we hoped for it.  Everything started with those 12 shirts.   More importantly we protected ourselves before we stepped out of the gate.  This proved invaluable.

The next move was to create clothing for everyone by launching the female and toddler styles.  The response was overwhelming and we thank you personally.  From this point on, we continued to improve.  We produced sweatshirts, hats, and license plates.   It has truly been a pleasure to share our vision with you.

Recently, we found out that our local manufacturer has been selling counterfeit Cackalak merchandise.  This is the same manufacturer that we have used from day one.  Again, life is stranger than any movie.  This is a company that has several locations and a ton of resources at their disposal.  They have access to the University of South Carolina fan base, but they chose to steal our creativity.   Our brand is protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and we now have to take this through the appropriate channels.

Our progress is not deterred.  We will continue to stand on our principles and provide you with clothing that you can afford and appreciate.   This is our promise to you!

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